Carter Cemetery 
A Non-Profit Historic Cemetery
3295 Daisy Road
PO Box 65
Loris, South Carolina 29569


         Please use the information given here as a general guideline to help make decisions regarding future needs and to help us respectfully maintain the grounds of Carter Cemetery.   A Grounds Committee Member or Trustee must be contacted for grave site selection, a copy of Carter Cemetery regulations, and financial arrangements.

  • Each plot is four feet (4') by ten feet (10').
  • Each plot is $800.00 payable to Carter Cemetery Trust at the time of reservation.  
  • Vaults are required for traditional interment.
  • Ledgers (stone slabs) and above-ground crypts are not allowed.
  • If a plot is used for cremation burial, a maximum of three (3) urns per plot will be allowed.


Funeral Director must contact a Grounds Committee Member prior to any grave opening.  Any and all fees owing to Carter Cemetery Trust at time of interment are to be collected by the funeral home.

Monuments and headstones are allowed within the guidelines set forth and are not to exceed sixty inches (60") in height.  Monuments and markers are not the property of Carter Cemetery but are owned by the grantee or their heirs and it is their responsibility to keep them in a safe and proper state of repair.

FOR SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE PURPOSES, border material including rocks, gravel, plastic edging, brick, wood, or such materials are not allowed.  In addition, benches PVC, metal, fences, wire fasteners of any kind or glass containers will not be allowed.  Planting anything into the soil such as flowers, plants, shrubs and small trees are prohibited.

Flowers and flowering plants, either natural or artificial and in non-breakable containers are allowed but must be placed on the monument or base so as not to interfere with mowing.  Flowers, wreaths, and containers are to be removed from Carter Cemetery grounds when they become unsightly.

                                                               Grounds Committee of Carter Cemetery

                                                                          Carroll Boyd, Chairman                                                                  

Carter CemeteryTrust
PO Box 65
Loris, South Carolina 29569-0065

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